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                                                      Amazing Adam-ondi-Ahman Trip

    Wow, it has been way too long since I have posted. I'm really not that lazy, I just felt like we had been to all of the historical sites, and what else would I write about? I have decided that that is really crazy because after all we are on a mission, and most of what I have learned is about missionary work, faith, and my growth in the Gospel. So I will be writing about more of those kind of things.

   We have been to Adam-ondi-Ahman many times, but we had a highlight trip there yesterday. Every 6 months the Visitors Center takes the sister missionaries that have not had an opportunity to go there because it it out of the boundaries of the Zone here in Independence. Elder Crow is over the vehicles so he was asked to drive the Mission van, and he asked if I could go with them.
   The sisters were so excited to go. I know all of them because they come into the mission office often to get their mail, but I did not know some of them very well, so it was really fun to get to know them better. I asked all of them what was their favorite conference talk. I was surprised that so many of them liked the same talk that I did, by Elder Larry Lawrence, "What Lack I Yet?"
    We got to Adam-ondi-Ahman at 9:00 in the morning. We met Brother Bonnet and his wife. Brother Bonnet is the Stake Patriarch there in the Adam-ondi-Ahman area, he does unofficial tours of the area. At the 1st overlook, he talked all about the history of the area. Beginning with Adam and Eve. That it was revealed to Joseph Smith that this was the area that Adam and Eve traveled to when they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. It is so amazing to me to think that Father Adam, or Michael, and Mother Eve walked in this place. It really is sacred ground. I for one am grateful that Eve had to wisdom and courage to eat that fruit!
Brother Bonnet, his wife and Elder Toronto
A rose among the thorns in the lovely green towel. It was cold!

   Brother Bonnet, then talked about how Joseph Smith came there in ...... and dedicated the land for a Stake of Zion.  Lyman Wight had a cabin there, and that became the meeting house for the area. It soon became a gathering place for many saints who had been forced out of Jackson county.
      Next we went to preachers rock. Where Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and others preached. The accoustics of the site are amazing. If you stand on preachers rock and speak in a very normal tone of voice, the people down the hillside can hear you perfectly.
Sisters doen the hill listening to brother Bonnett from Preachers Rock

Sisters singing Adam-ondi-Ahman. It sounded like angels!
The grove
    This is such a significant place both historically and for the future of all mankind. President Joseph Fielding Smith said, "Not many years hence there shall be another gathering of high priests and righteous souls in this valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman. At the gathering Adam, will again be present. There will stand before him those who have held the keys of all dispensations, who shall render up their stewardships to the first Patriarch of the race, who holds the keys os salvation. At that time there will be a transfer of authority from the usurper and imposter, Lucifer, to the rightful King, Jesus Christ."  Pretty powerful information.
Sister Hafoka and Sister Delgado
Sister Hafoka is going home to Tonga nest week!

We had a great lunch in a work room at Adam-ondi-Ahman
  We ate lunch, then went to Far West. At Far West, a senior Elder told us about the church history there. I am going to let pictures tell "the rest of the story."
Listening to Brother Evans

The angelic choir again to Far West

        Last stop Historic Liberety Jail. We let some of the sisters who are "working " there out, but also took a tour of the jail. Very powerful and moving. Joseph and the others sufferd so much there, but he learned so much about himself and his relationship with the Lord there.
Beautiful painting by Liz Lemmon Swindle
Prisoners in their cell. This is the exact spot, in fact the floor is original

    So the end of another adventure Missouri, which we have come to love, for it's beauty, history, and spirit. The day was so special because of the opportunity we had to share it with these lovely, amazing missionaries. They have such faith, they inspire me everyday. It is an honor to be around them.

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