Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Book of Mormon in Zion Conference

     Last Friday and Saturday we had a very interesting experience. There was a Book of Mormon in Zion conference. On Friday it was held at the Old Stone Church in Independence, Missouri. Saturday, it was held at our Stake Center, between the Mission office and the Visitors Center.
Stone Church
Stone Church interior
     It was so interesting because everyone that was involved and invited, were our church, the Community of Christ, the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ (yes, it still exists), and all of the Restoration Branches of the Reorganized Church. Wow it was a very diverse group.
     The speakers were professors from BYU, and a Seventy in a Restoration branch, an Apostle in the Community of Christ, and a member of the Restoration Seventy. It was interesting because everyone there believes in the Book of Mormon, but the interpretations can vary.
      There was definitely a difference in the Spirit with each of the speakers. You really could feel the difference. They were all knowledgeable, but knowledge without the Spirit of the Holy ghost, which all but the LDS scholars, called the holy spirit, is pretty flat.
      Camille Fronk Olson, was one of the BYU professors, as was Robert Millet. Bro. Millet was the concluding speaker, and he was amazing. I know that everyone in the room could feel the spirit as he spoke. His topic was Jesus Christ, the Eternal God. I loved it, because the Community of Christ now believes in the Trinity of the other Christian Churches. They have a stained glass window in their museum at their Temple that shows Joseph Smith's 1st Vision, showing only 1 God that appeared to him. I found that very interesting.
     Our Stake President here was a member of the Reorganized church most of his life, until they changed to the Community of Christ, and the more liberal faction of the church wanted to make all of the changes with the trinity and so much more. There had been such bad feelings between the Reorganized Church and the LDS church, that even when he left the Community of Christ, he could not come to our Church. He formed his own church, the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is till around but quite small. It is amazing to listen to his story.
      It was a one of a kind Conference that you could only have here in Independence, Missouri.
     We are still visiting apartments, and they have asked us to do the Mission history. They have also asked us to be responsible for the supply room, and all of the missionary supplies.
      The trees and flowers are beginning to blossom, we have said all winter, that it will be so pretty here when everything is green. I'm getting anxious to see that. We miss all of you, but....

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